Your Berlin Neighborhood, Unpacked.

A curated guide of 17 places and things to do in Corinthstraße, recommended by locals

Your Berlin Neighborhood, Unpacked.

Get ready for the center of town, Friedrichshain - the heartbeat of Berlin where great food, fun nights out, cool stores, and wow sites come in droves. Get up close and personal with your 'hood via this locally-curated selection of hits.

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  • Closest supermarket: Lidl

    Shopping • Local • Groceries

    Stock up on everything you need at your local supermarket. Groceries, completo!


    Silo Coffee

    brunch • cafe • coffee

    Best brunch in town! It's super busy at Silo so it's best to go during the week to avoid the weekend insanity.

  • photo: heno Berlin


    pool • summer • yoga

    A swimming pool that floats on the water? Yours, all summer long in Berlin. Try to catch a yoga class there in the morning.

  • photo: Foursquare

    Shakespeare & Sons

    bookstore • reading • coffee

    We recommend the centrally located Shakespeare & Sons where books and bagels come as a pair. The winning combo. They also have great coffee and if you buy a book, you get a cup for free.

  • Holzmarkt

    outdoors • hidden • beer

    Welcome to Berlin's urban oasis. An adult playground to explore for its various little food and drink treasures. Grab a beer and sit by the Spreeufer. Find it between Holzmarkt 25 and Holzmarktstraße 19-30.

  • photo: Katerschmaus


    Restaurant • Bar • Casual

    This cool but cozy restaurant is frequented by a hip crowd. It's right next to the famous electro club Katerblau with food made with love by very special people from former Bar 25.

  • photo: Sascha Kohlmann

    Boxhagener Platz

    market • clothes • shopping

    On Sundays, this square becomes one of the best second-hand bazaars in Berlin. Known for its retro furniture, find amazing pieces for bargain prices.

  • photo: Google Images

    Urban Spree

    party • hangout • exhibitions

    Good place for exhibitions, to go to a party or to just hangout!



    culture • club • music

    YAAM is a well know Reggae and African Music and Culture Club. Go there by day to hang out at the beach, or by night for a party or a live show.

  • photo: Google Images

    Schoene Schreibwaren

    stationary • shopping • Journals

    Schoene Schreibwaren bind their own journals and calendars and offer a very awesome range of handmade laptop cases. You can even get your case custom made by choosing your own material and size etc.

  • photo: F. Eichholtz


    Hot Sauce • Recipe Books • Drinks

    If you like your hot sauce, then you are in luck. This place is dedicated to it. They have a great selection of sauces, recipe books, drinks and more. Quite literally the hottest spot in town.

  • Street art

    art • hidden spots • tour

    Street Art can often be very visible and famous, but at the same time, it can be hard to spot and very hidden! One of my tasks is showing you what I call "The Invisible City of Berlin" made of corners, details and many artistic "leitmotiv." If you join me with your eyes wide open, the tour will never finish since you will go on seeing those details that repeat all around town! I strongly recommended taking this tour during your first day in the city.



    burger • food • snack

    Loaded burger time! Take these to go or enjoy them in the restaurant with a side of chips and dip. Either way, these burgers hit the spot.


    Café Babette

    historical • hidden • beer

    Cool east-German style club. It was originally built as a beauty salon in the GDR in 1960. Now it has a beergarten, a pinboard, a laboratory, a playground, music and more.

  • photo: Google Images


    bridge • sightseeing • Friedrichshain

    Take a stroll over the bridge that used to mark the border between East and West. Watch the sun set over the Spree before hitting the clubs and bars of Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg. Now, on summer evenings the bridge becomes a stage for many street musicians and artists.

  • photo: Google Images

    Kater Blau

    nightlife • techno • music

    Dance, hippie, electro at Hopper; light techno at Acidbogen. Come with a good mood and leave any tourist or bourgeois guide behind you This is the place where you can wear a wonder woman costume, an old shabby frotte-morning gown, a Zylinder, a Circus-Jacket, a Marine-Boy outfit - and it will totally make sense. Time to dance.

  • Closes S-Bahn: Ostkreuz

    Get around using Berlin's rapid transit railway system, right by your door.

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