The ultimate list of cool spots in our hood

All good in the hood: local spots you must check out around the city

Welcome to Dresden's majestic old town, also known as Alstadt. This Baroque part of the city may look ancient, but it was all restored after being flattened in WWII. Hard to believe since now it has just about everything: the old, the new, historical architecture, delicious bakeries, hip cafes, manicured gardens and a buzzing nightlife...all within walking distance!

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  • Coffee

  • Café Achtsam Yoga Cafe

    Yoga Studio

    Cafe Achtsam feeds your soul and your sugar craving. With healthy food, yogi baristas and a schedule full of yoga classes (morning, afternoon and evening), this cafe is a great spot to just zen out.

  • Kaffanero


    Kaffanero's mission is to serve the best craft coffee in Dresden. And they were the first roasters here, so they know what they're doing. You can sit among eclectic pillows and beans from around the world and learn more about the best cultivating, roasting, packaging and preparation techniques. Not a coffee snob? Just order your perfect cappuccino and bounce.

  • Food

  • Fettboy

    Burger Joint

    Everyone who lives in this hood agrees that Fettboy has the best burger. Why? The herb-focaccia bun, the perfectly seasoned patty, the bacon, the asian-inspired toppings...If you're feeling adventurous, don't stop at the burger. Try a wagyu burger, a "Ghetto Boy" or a "Holy Boy." If you're not in the mood to eat with your hands, there's also a few kinds of ramen.

  • Ladencafé aha

    Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

    This sustainable cafe is good for everyone: vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The menu changes depending on what's in season along with the art on the walls. While you wait for your food or after you lick the bowl clean, check out their fair-trade and natural product shop in the cafe's basement. If you're lucky, you might even catch a live music performance outside. You'll leave with a full stomach and a clear conscience.

  • brennNessel

    Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

    The menu at this vegetarian restaurant and pub is so colorful and creative. Nestled in a courtyard, you can brunch outside in the sun or order drinks and a veggie-ful dinner.

  • Elbsalon


    Craving loaded avocado toast on freshly baked bread? Or a vanilla matcha latte? Elbsalon has got the goods, and all the greens. Great for a quickie breakfast, a leisurely brunch or a plentiful dinner.

  • Schwerdtner

    Because, #carbs. Whether it's a Christstollen around Christmas or a Croissant in the AM, this next-door bakery is filled with all your confectionary cravings. Along with desserts and coffee, they also have a huge selection of fresh bread you can take home.

  • Genuss Atelier

    Modern European Restaurant

    This cosy hotspot with exposed brick walls is a must for foodies. All the Saxon classics you have been craving are plated to perfection. Meat, check! Vegetarian options, check! Here, it's all about what's local: all wine and beer are locally sourced and the art on the walls is produced by local artists. Note: it fills up, so book a table ahead of time by calling or email (they don't accept online reservations through their website anymore).

  • Barococo


    Lunch, dinner, dessert or just drinks, this central bar and restaurant hits the spot. Check out their specials, like the weekly signature cocktail, Wednesday Fish day (fish meal for under 10 euros), and seasonal happy hour. They have tons of outdoor seating too for when you want that happy hour breeze.

  • Lila Sosse

    German Restaurant

    Art on the building, art on the plate. A Lila Sosse includes all the colors of the rainbow, especially purple. Their signature "Lila" purple sauce comes with a story, "it stands for creativity, modernity, imagination and individuality...purple is the color of mystery, magic and ghosts: characteristics of the site, the yard of mythical creatures."

  • Kuchen Atelier


    This patisserie is pastel perfection. If there was ever a place to treat yoself, this is it. Macarons, delicate pastries, cakes, all made with an artist's touch. The desserts may look painted, but they really are edible...and lip-smackingily (it's a word) good.

  • Culture

  • Albertinum

    Art Gallery

    Contemporary art lover? The Albertinum has a colourful collection ranging from Van Gogh to Mondrian. Don't miss the sculpture garden, where you can have a pensive moment next to Rodin's "The Thinker". Take note: the museum is closed on Mondays.

  • Dresden Castle


    No, this isn't a Disney dream... You do have a castle next door. This gorgeous palace looks ancient, but it was actually reconstructed after it was bombed in 1945. You can enjoy the castle from the outside or buy a ticket (with free audioguide) to explore all of the exhibits inside.

  • Kunsthofpassage

    Art Gallery

    With a life-size Giraffe climbing up the side, Kunsthofpassage is straight out of Dr. Seuss' daydreams. Designed by artists Annette Paul, Christoph Roßner and André Tempel, this multicolored courtyard is the one place you want to be in bad weather: the giant funnel on one of the buildings turns into a musical instrument powered by rain. So get ready to sing along. You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay, ay...

  • Green Vault

    No, you're not in Oz. Inside the Dresden Castle, you'll find this Baroque wonder, The Treasury of Augustus the Strong. Made of two vaults, The New Vault hosts selected new exhibits and the The Historic Green Vault, has been restored to its original splendor. If you visit the Castle, make sure to buy a ticket that includes this so you can glimpse this glittering green gem.

  • Albertbrücke Flea Market

    Sundays, Saturdays

    This flea market is so beloved that it has three different names (Albertbrücke, Elbe Flohmarkt AND Dresdner Elbemarkt). Every Saturday and Sunday, more than 500 dealers set up stalls by the Albert bridge to sell vintage clothes, jewelry, records, toys and more. Trash or treasure? You decide.

  • Büchers Best


    This independent bookstore in the Kunsthofpassage area feels like you're just hanging out in someone's living room. Books on books in every genre: from sci-fi to poetry. While you browse, you can also hang out with the shop's resident cat, Mayamoto Musashi, and have some tea or coffee, on the house.

  • The Spot Shop

    Clothing Store

    Where do all the cool kids shop in Neustadt? Here. With contemporary clothing for men and women, you can find trendy clothes, socks, sunglasses and even roller skates at this chic shop.

  • Nightlife

  • Gin House

    Cocktail Bar

    Feeling like James Bond tonight? Dress up and hit up Gin House. Do a gin tasting, pick a cigar, and order your cocktail, not stirred. For all you juniper lovers, this is your joint.

  • Gisela.Club


    Dance parties, holiday theme nights, music festivals, pop-up clothing events: Gisela Club is a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a lot of eclectic fun. Every week is a new surprise, so check out their website to see what's in store.

  • Groove Station


    Groove Station is so much more than a club. It has drinks, live shows, parties, an art gallery, free movie screenings, karaoke, bingo and billiards... Even that friend who always says no to going out because it's "just not for them" can't say no to this one.

  • Louisengarten

    Beer Garden

    This locals-only beer garden in the middle of the Outer Neustadt district is right next to the Scheune live music venue. Local brews, city views and lots of energy. They also have the best barbecue from Fleischerei Creutz to wash your beer down with. If you are coming with a large group, make sure to reserve a table beforehand.

  • Outdoors

  • Lingnerallee Skatepark

    With ramps, rails, halfpipe, and fresh graffiti, this is a skater/rollerblader/anything-on-wheels paradise. The Lingnerallee skating area is just off the side of The Grand Garden. You can chill out on the grass and watch the locals trick. If you’re a skater, bring your board with you and jump in.

  • The Grand Garden of Dresden

    Everyone needs a little nature sometimes. This manicured garden in the heart of the city is great for reading, biking, picnics, or just getting a good dose of green (or multicolored tulips, when they're in season).

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